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Overhead and underground electrical
construction and design services in NSW Central West
Overhead and underground electrical construction and design services in NSW Central West

Repairs & Installations

Enacon Group provides service wire and street lighting to clients within Bathurst and the central west communities. As accredited service providers, we can safely complete street lighting installation, maintenance and upgrade services for our clients.

For damaged or faulty street lighting and service wire, we can carry out repairs, while our team also handles complete service wire and street lighting installations.

Whether you need routine servicing, complete installations or upgrades to electrical components, Enacon Group is the team to call. We work with projects of all sizes and scope.


Working closely with residential, commercial, industrial and rural electrical projects, we can ensure street lighting and service wire is high quality and safe. Our qualified team of electrical designers and contractors will get each job done according to the specifications of the client, on time and on budget.

Street Light Installation — Level 2 Electricians in Bathurst, NSW
Street Light Maintenance — Level 2 Electricians in Bathurst, NSW


Routine servicing and repairs for street lighting helps to ensure the lighting continues to function for the safety of those who benefit from the lighting. Street lighting is a safety element for residents and anybody visiting the area so it’s essential they are always working.


It is crucial to have the most current components for electrical systems, especially with street lighting. We provide scheduled upgrades to street lighting systems, including the replacement of critical components.

Street lighting often requires working both underground and overhead on the top of power poles, and we have all the necessary resources and accreditations to enable us to do that.

Contact the team at Enacon Group via phone or email Monday to Friday if you have any enquiries, we respond within 24 hours.

Street Light — Electricians in Bathurst, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy to take street lighting for granted, but it is incredibly beneficial to people every day. Street lighting helps prevent crime, makes driving safer and extends the hours of the day people can get things done.

The key to streetlights are photocells, which are sensors that detect light. If light is detected (which may come from the sun or other artificial lights) the street lights turn off. If the photocells do not detect light, then the street lights turn on.

There are several different types of street lights but perhaps the most common type is metal halide bulbs, these are most common along the streets, in car parks and near large stadiums

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